ALIVE 2003 Advanced Legal Issues in Virtual Enterprises
ATHENA 2004 Advanced Technologies for Interoperability of Heterogeneous Networks and their Application
BAP Business Architect Project
BIDSAVER Business Integrator Dynamic Support Agents for Virtual Enterprise
CE-NET 2003 Concurrent Enterprise Network of Excellence
CROSSWORK 2004 Cross-Organisational Workflow Formation and Enactment
COVE 2003 CO-operation infrastructure for Virtual Enterprises and electronic business
e-COGNOS 2003 Methodology, tools and architectures for electronic COnsistent knowledGe maNagement across prOjects and between enterpriSes in the construction domain
ECOLEAD 2003 European Collaborative Networked Organizationbs Leadership Initiative
E-COLLEG Advanced Infrastructure for Pan-European Collaborative Engineering
eLEGAL Specifying Legal Terms of Contract in ICT Environment
EXTERNAL 2003 Extended Enterprise Resources, Network Architectures and Learning
FETISH-ETF 2003 Federate European Tourism Information System Harmonization - Engineering Task Force
GENESIS 2003 Global Enterprise Network Support for the Innovation Process
GLOBEMEN 2003 Global Engineering and Manufacturing in Enterprise Networks
GNOSIS 2003 GNOSIS Virtual Factory: model-based distributed manufacturing
ICCI 2003 Innovation co-ordination, transfer and deployment through networked Co-operation in the Construction Industry.
ICSS 2003 Integrated Client-Server System for a Virtual Enterprise in the Building Industry
IDEAS Interoperability Development for Enterprise Applications and Software - Roadmaps
INTELIGRID 2004 Interoperability of Virtual Organizations on Complex Semantic Grid.
INTEROP 2003 Interoperability Research fro Networked Enterprises Applications and Software
ISTforCE 2003 Intelligent Services and Tools for Concurrent Engineering
KM Forum The European Knowledge Management Forum
LEGAL-IST 2004  Aimed at addressing legal issues originated by the adoption of new IST-related technologies and business models
MASSYVE Multi-Agent Manufacturing Agile Scheduling Systems for Virtual Enterprises
NGMS 2003 Next Generation Manufacturing Systems
NIMCube 2003 New-use and Innovation Management and Measurement Methodology for R&D
OSMOS 2003 Open System for Inter-enterprise Information Management in Dynamic Virtual Environments
ProDAEC 2003 European Network for Product and Project Data Exchange, e-Work and e-Business in Architecture, Engineering and Construction
PRODCHAIN 2003 Development of a decision support methodology to improve logistics performance in production networks
PRODNET II Production Planning and Management in an Extended Enterprise
PSIB 2004 Process and System Innovation in the Building and Construction Industry
ROADCON  Strategic Roadmap towards Knowledge-Driven Sustainable Construction.
SARA 2003 Value networks in construction
SYMPHONY A Dynamic Management Methodology with Modular and Integrated Methods and Tools for Knowledge Based, Adaptive SMEs
THINKcreative 2003 Thinking network of experts on emerging smart organizations
UEML Unified Enterprise Modelling Language. Standard to integrate CIMOSA, GRAI etc.
VDA Virtual Destination Application
VE-FORUM 2003  Portal for Projects and Communities in the Virtual Organisation Domain.
VL 2003 Virtual Laboratory
VOMAP  Roadmap design for collaborative virtual organizations in dynamic business ecosystems.
VOSTER Virtual Organisations Cluster
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