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Evaluation Reports and Conference Papers of Vera Technology Programme

Evaluation report of real estate and construction technology programmes of Tekes (2003)

Report of Final International Evaluation (2002)

Reports and Papers of Midterm Evaluation (2000)

Vera Programme Presentation in CIB-W78 Conference (Cairns, Australia, 1997)

Project reports in English

HUT600 Project (2002)

Roadmap to Intelligent Product Model (IFC) Project (2002)

OSMOS Project (2002)

SPADEX Project (2002)

IFCToolboX Project (2001

Transfer of Finnish Information Technology to Japanese and Chinese Construction Business Markets - pre-study  (2000)

TIMI Project (1998)

International Seminars and Conferences

Vera Techology Programme achieved good visibility and recognition also internationally. Its goals and results were widely presented in many international seminars, conferences and workshops. The list below covers the international keynote and invitation lectures given by Programme Manager Arto Kiviniemi in 1997-2002. 

Programme Brochures